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I love, love, love that the deck creator made this card with the likeness of Medusa on it. I was unaware of Medusa's connection to Scorpio, until I stumbled upon this article.

The story goes that Medusa was the most beautiful of the three Gorgon sisters, and made love with Poseidon within the temple of Athena. Because Athena is a chaste virgin, she was enraged by this insult and turned the three sisters into ugly, snake headed hags. Should any man ever look upon their faces (while they are awake) they would be turned to stone.

Perseus, for one reason or another, promised the head of Medusa (the only mortal sister of the three) to a King, and was gifted by Athena and Hermes the golden shield and sword to slay Medusa.

etc etc etc...

After slaying Medusa, severing her head from her body, the Pegasus was born from her head (she was impregnated by Poseidon) which Perseus rode to flee from the two remaining sisters.

What's the moral of the story? The author of the website says it best:

Thus, learning lessons of mental detachment are often quite crucial in the continued growth and lives journeys of those strong in Scorpionic/Plutonic energies.

The Medusa symbolizes the curse of Scorpio, but Pegasus is the final redemption and rebirth of Scorpio set free!
Now, pull out your Lord of Grails card. Please note the Knight on the charging horse with the Medusa head held aloft. In the traditional Thoth Knight of Cups card, the Knight rides a Pegasus.
The Pegasus is a symbol of emotional regard and spiritual upliftment. But what about Medusa? What does she represent?

Looks can kill, be careful of staring at that which fascinates you?
Even something ugly on the surface can hold great beauty and promise?
The ego at it's worst? It's most dellusional? It's most illusionary?
If you caught a glimpse of your face in the mirror right now, would you stop yourself dead in your tracks?
Do you find yourself sensual, seductive, erotic, attractive?
Are you having inappropriate relationships that could get you cursed? or worse?

With every curse also comes gifts. What were Medusa's gifts? This is a GREAT article about Medusa and her dethrowning as a Mother/Earth Goddess (death/rebirth = snake) symbol. NICE.***Hemera - once again we've landed in Hecate territory!

I have read that Venus in Scorpio has many talents, including precognitive and psychic abilities. You know who is on the phone before you pick it up. You know someone is at the door. You know when a friend is in need, and when you call them they tell you "I was just thinking about you". You can see visions, and images that you cannot explain. Are these part of the illusion, the affects of to much wine/blood, or are they real - telling you something that you need to know?
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