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Originally Posted by WolfyJames View Post
Medusa is our shadow, the part of us that isn't pretty and that we don't want the others to see. Medusa needs to be recognized and loved.
Yes! Is just read about this. Christine Downing says (in "The Goddess -Mythological Images of the Feminine", Continuum, New York 1996) that with Medusa we are in the realm of reversal because Medusa is the dark side of Athene. The Dark is what redeems us. She points out that the blood caught from the dripping head of Medusa is used by Athene and Asclepios to kill and to heal. Asclepios even uses it to raise the dead. And of course the winged horse is a symbol of poetry. Downing thinks it was because of Athene´s envy of her beauty that Medusa was killed. (Just like Snow White was (almost) killed because of her beauty by the envious stepmother!)

Downing quotes a poem by May Sarton:

I saw you once, Medusa; we were alone.
I looked you straight in the cold eye, cold.
I was not punished, was not turned to stone.
How to believe the legends I am told?..

I turned your face around! It is my face.
That frozen rage is what I must explore -
Oh secret, self-enclosed and ravaged place!
That is the gift I thank Medusa for.
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