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I just had the most interesting experience in relating this card to real life. When you say this card is our shadow personality and the need to accept that into ourselves, it's very hard to get a grasp on that idea.

This is how I've connected it to real life:

This is a woman (or man) who puts great stock in her appearance out in the real world. She never lets people on the "outside" see her in a dishelved state. She is dressed to go out, hair perfectly in place, accessories matching, strong, confident. She's got her "armor" on (if you connect this card to the Chariot card).

But what if you were to show up at her house unexpectedly? Would you find this woman with her hair standing on end, a complete mess? No make-up, bags under her eyes, in her pj's, the toilet stopping up and she's at her wits end? She forgot to put deoderant on and OMG she's got morning breath!! Would the woman fear how people would perceive her in such a state? But this is her true face, her armor is stripped bare and she's vulnerable, no longer Eve in Eden's garden (dressed to impress - "other-worldly"), but baring her true nature. Could you love this woman then? The good, the bad, and the ugly? She's been stripped of her illusion.

The dead apple tree is an interesting correlation. Eden has fallen - this is the real world. The connection of Venus in Scorpio card is something to consider. Scorpio or the Death card is the Alchemical stage of Putrification - rotting, emulsifying, going back to the earth. Venus loves beauty, beautiful things, dressing for the occassion - and so there would be this "conflict of interest" or struggle to love that dirty, dishelved side of a woman who didn't want to shower the day before and now has company and she's seen at her worst. Will she invite them in anyways, or send them away with the explanation "this just isn't a good time for a visit"?

This card as a Gate card is interesting. I'll have to go and look at the other 7's in the deck to see if there's a gate there too. 7's are usually part of the "riddle" aspect of the Chariot card, and of course it's connection to the Tower it would seem relevent as with the Tower you "pass beyond the veil" which is the land of the Moon, guarded by the High Priestess. Again the connection with Beauty and Illusion, your Wild Self with your domesticated Self, your Dark with your Light.
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