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Last thought of the day...

What is it about this card and peripheral vision? What is the psychological and spiritual significance of looking out of the corner of your eye?

In our myth here, Perseus could not look at Medusa straight on to slay her. He had to keep tabs on her whereabouts through his peripheral vision, and look through the reflection of his shield.

If I were to guess, I think it'll have something to do with looking into the past. I know some people claim to see spirits out of the corner of their eye and reflected in mirrors. Since I don't have time to dig into this topic before I head to work, I thought to at least pose the question here and see if you all have any thoughts on this. Will revisit the topic soon.

Scorpio, Cancer (Chariot or the 7's) and Pisces (Moon, Water) all have strong connections to the past.
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