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Originally Posted by lark
I don't know you sound kind of strict....I'm scared.

I'm thinking about it I'm finally going to go through the whole meditation exercise with Tarot of the Spirit.
Had this deck for years and now it just seems like I'm ready to work with it.
If it doesn't pan out it's "out damn spot" for this I'm still waffling.
It's so hard...when you have so many decks...there are others I certainly love more and would rather spend the time with...but this one keeps calling my name.
I'm still undecided.

I would like to point out, class, that this is a prime example of who this would be good for. If you can commit to just one reading a week with your PDR deck, then you can screw around with any other decks you want! It is like having an open relationship while being married to one deck! How 1970's.
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