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hey now! Happy new year!

Ok, I think I can do this... I am in IDS with my Inner Child Cards... But I feel I can do both study and reflections as I HAVE been reading with these cards for a few years... I just felt it was time to REALLY study them inside and out and see how they manifest in my daily life... BUT, because they are a 'themed' deck, I like to keep in touch with what I have learned from the traditional tarot as well...

Also, I am only doing full readings with the Inner Child Cards, but I do like to pull an OsHO Zen every now and then, and so do some of my friends...

I don't have a blog address... I don't even know how to go about it... I'll research unless someone wants to give me a quick run down...

KKat, Let me know if you think doing the IDS and reflections is any sort of conflict... My intention with the IDS is that I would begin doing 1 night a week readings anyways... I was going to begin dedicating that one night by May 1st, but I think, in all honesty, that is just putting off what I should be doing now...

Ok, enough said... Let me know what you think..
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