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Da'ath of course is GNOSIS
as opposed to Episteme of Hod

If we look up the tree, as I generally do...
we can see daath is a place of choice..

Arguably the emanations below number 7
7... seven of course is an important number. In kabbalah of course it relates to the 7 directions. 7 days... etc etc. The 7 directions of course are those found in western magic.. up down left right foward back and within...

This derives from the tree surrounded by four rivers in Eden. We see this imagery of course expressed in the Rosicrucian image of the king and queen

Thus I would "argue" the 7 lower, or the lesser face as it is often called, here then represent the body... Some even state the entire lower 7 can represent the christ consciousness....

But that aside, this means Daath acts a bridge between... it is said that the supernal triangle are really beyond intellectualisation, that then, is at daath we meet, through Gnosis a joining of intellectualisation a dn that which must be experienced.

A simplistic way to think of Daath is through the medium of television:

Somethign is bored, they are very bored (various levels of Ain)
They decide to make a television show (Kether)
They transmit the television show for people to see (Chockmah)
In order to watch it, in order to understand the television signals, we use a television!!! (Binah)
Some at home, laughs and enjoys the television show (Daath)

So we see daath is that which is illuminated

The flame (kether)
The wick and oil (Chockmah)
The lamp itself (Binah)
That which is illuminated (Daath)


Of course there are secret ways to cross daath..such as through the sword bridge. It is said that ultimatly, through daath is the way of people...

But anyway
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