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JMD wrote:

"If we take No 11 to refer to Da'at, and evil to refer to this hindrance, then: 'No 11 is called the evil number' can be understood to mean that Knowledge may hinder one on the path of return. How? the Abyss is ever present for the unwary. Da'at is forever the tempting trap.
To partake of knowledge, one risks madness if one assumes that one can or one already has reached God - reached the Elohim - crossed the Abyss - without Da'at being sufficiently formed such that it will not crumble under our feet. Da'at must be sufficiently formed to enable the crossing, and our focus ever upwards to prevent the trappings."

In old Tarots (16th century), the number XI sometimes is associated with the Hermit/Time. In so far as we take the number 11 as evil number (although there is another possibility) because of the temptations of knowledge, the Hermit (of later decks, though) would be my candidate in the Tarot order...either as knowledge to earn in lonlyness or as knowledge that leads into isolation or one that reveals itself as remote from life, or as islolation that is the spiritual crisis that has to be gone through to understand the beyond-knowledge...

Otherwise, I would understand the abyss between Tower and Star as Da'at (as I have lined out in the historical therad Star, Moon, Sun)...

Although I know that this is not true in numerological terms, it is to me in symbolical terms.

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