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Dilemma of Da'ath

The dilemma for me with Da'ath is the idea of crossing the chaos of the abyss by either:
employing the relatively recent concept of Da'ath as a bridge (this has been advocated by groups like SOL)
Simply falling into the abyss and your whole life going to pieces which seems to be the more commonly recommended approach (in which case where is Da'ath?).

Da'ath as a gateway to the 'nightside' of the tree perhaps indicates option 2 to be the more realistic possibility. Da'ath fascinates me, it is the only aspect of the tree which some choose to completely ignore and and others enthusiastically embrace. One thing that perhaps people could help me with is why does Da'ath have the same divine name (YHVH ALHIM) as Binah? Why not a Divine name of its own?
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