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For myself there are two aspects to Da'at which I consider ever so important.

The first is that, has has now been many times mentioned, it does not form part of the emanated Tree of Life. Ie, it is not given within the 'body' of Adm Kadmon.

Yet, it also figures prominantly on depictions of the Tree.

This last aspect is what lead me to also consider it as an emanation of the 'creation' - of us. It is the basis of our own Freedom. By being living, by thus partaking, of necessity, of the Tree of Life, one enters also the realms of the FRUIT of the Tree of Knowledge (of Da'at).

Various people place it, if anywhere, in differing locations upon or within the human body. Personally, I tend to consider its relation and correlation to the Throat Chakra, to Adam's Apple, to the still forming organ of Speech - which Rudolf Steiner also mentions is to become a future organ of birth: As I speak, thus I create (Abrahadabra).
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