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Found this on a Yahoo group I belong to:

Did you know that your Sun Sign influences how you like your pizza?
Each sign has a unique approach to eating this popular food--what's your

ARIES: You want your pizza to go, with extra hot peppers.

TAURUS: You order one with everything o it, and then another in case
you're still hungry.

GEMINI: You like half mushroom and half olives but are usually too busy
chatting with the waiter or delivery person to eat it.

CANCER: You bake your own, making the dough from scratch and using
tomatoes from your garden.

LEO: You prefer gourmet pizza from trendy Italian places, but you only
eat a piece so that your stomach still looks flat in your fitted jeans.

VIRGO: You order plain cheese pizza and request extra napkins for
blotting the grease.

LIBRA: You order one all-meat and one all-veggie because you can't
decide which one you want.

SCORPIO: You get your pizza with pineapple, anchovies, and secret
sauce--and you also manage to get the delivery person's phone umber.

SAGITTARIUS: A Brazilian or Mexican pizza that can be put into an
environmentally-friendly-to-go box works for you.

CAPRICORN: You like any pizza that can be folded calzone-style so that
you can eat while you work.

AQUARIUS: Mmmmmmm...doesn't a wheat-free pizza with soy cheese topped
with organic vegetables sound delicious?

PISCES: You get lost on the way to the pizza shop and end up at a Thai
restaurant instead.
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