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Here's another one to throw in the mix:

Anna Franklin (Wiccan High Priestess, Celtic Fairy expert and co-creator of the Sacred Circle Tarot and the Fairy Ring Oracle) has written The Illustrated Encylopedia of Fairies which is only now available in the UK, (drat drat drat!!!) I really want this book because she is an authority of the cultural Celtic history of the fae. The synopsis on the Amazon UK site says:
Nearly 3000 separate entries in alphabetical order, ranging from the South African fairies Abtawa to the German dwarves Zwerge, make this book ten times as comprehensive as any other dictionary or encyclopedia of fairy names available. Unlike, say, British Goblins (Wirt Skie) and Fairies in Lore & Literature (Katherine Briggs) this book is fully international and covers all mythologies and folklore of the worlds cultural groups. The wealth of illustration adds to its justifiable claims of being THE book on the subject. A full bibliographical section also aids the reader to search and discover more on selected areas of interest within the subject.
I know I could probably order it internationally, but the price I think translates to around $30 or so, add in international shipping, and the wait period, and it's enormous. It should be coming out in the US soon, at least I hope so, otherwise I am writing to Ms. Franklin and asking, "What's up with that?? "
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