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Originally Posted by Aeon418
That would be like opening the flood gates to wash away a puddle.

Yes, I have found I need to be careful about invoking.

Originally Posted by Aeon418
A small opening and closing routine might help too. If practiced regularly it can act as a signal to your mind to switch on and switch off.
To open: Sit with your back straight, and feet planted on the floor. Take a few deep, slow breaths. Bring your hands together, palm to palm. Then slowly open your hands as if they were a book. Breath in and slowly separate the edges of your hands with the clear intention of opening your inner awareness.
To close: Sit as before and start taking deep, slow breaths. With your palms facing upward and to either side of you, breath in slowly and bring them together to form the "open book" again. Hold in your mind the clear intention to switch off inner awareness. Close the book/palms with a snap.
I will give this a try.

Originally Posted by Aeon418
Other things you can do are clapping your hands, stamping your feet, or having a bite to eat. Anything that brings awareness back to your body.
The hand calpping has already been very helpful this morning. Quick and effective.
These are all great suggestions. I appreciate your help.

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