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The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - IX The Hermit

Here's The Hermit, who resembles very much the scary High Priest. He is at the top of a very high tower, next to a big bell. At the top of him, there are three arches with three pillars. The Hermit, wearing a black cloak, is on the left side, his right arm standing horizontally. Three scultures are engraved on the side, two skeletons with wings turning to each other its back, and a bat at the top of them, ready to fly. Eleven bats are flying on the left, and we can see through the mist another building behind.

Being so high like this, beside being unreacheable, means also superior power reaching the divine, a higher consciousness, the sky within us. To meet the Hermit means looking for him first, and it's not an easy task, more of a quest of some sort. The bell could be used to communicate with these higher forces.
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