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On my Hermit I have always counted 10 bats…which is important (unless there is an eleventh and then…)

In the English School, the Hermit holds a light, and is similar to Diogenes of Sinope. In older continental decks, the Hermit holds an hourglass, the symbol of Kronos. As such, the older Hermit reminds us of our mortality – time is always slipping away. The newer discusses being alone, or not ‘fitting in’.

Ten is the number of completion, with our Nosferatu calling the bats home, this card is a reminder that some phase our our journey is coming to an end, and even when surrounded by friends, and family (who are always batty) we are still very much alone in our endeavours.

This is not a card of doom, but a card that symbolizes that in some manner, a completion is at hand.

This card does not do away with the "Solitude" aspect of the Hermit, but instead emphasizes the never ending movement of time.

What we often fail to see is that endings usually disguise beginnings. And indeed to reach the Hermit requires an effort…and when you reach him, you can ring the bell.

The bell, always tolls at the passing of a soul…

“All the birds of the air
Fell sighing and sobbing,
When they heard the bell toll
For poor Cock Robin.” (from “The Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin”)
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