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I love this card! I do, it is so fun and playful and yet they are really close aren't they???
He is a butt man.
She just loves him.
the addition of the goddess and the god to the card is so nice. I just adore that. This is union that is blessed isn't it? And polarized by so many opposites. light/dark up/down sunrise/sunset heavan/earth red/white praying/pointing(cherubs)

passive and active priniciples seem to be at work here.
And are they just embracing or is more going on.
Does the sun symbolize climax or just rising/setting
I like the pan pipes, so we know that there is the potential for music, and love is in the air...

They are both wearing laurels, so it seems to me that indicates that they know what they are doing, they are consciously choosing to be lovers, this is not a one night stand, and it has a feeling of being a wedding to me, on some level.

Also, with the cherubs present I have a sense that this could read, CONCEPTION sometimes. They look relaxed so it almost seems this is the afterglow, when one of them would light a cigarette...
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