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I would like to include information about Kuan Yin, I didn't know about her before studying this card so for other readers like me, here is some information about this fascinating Buddhist femenine principle:

For a quick introduction, she can be roughly compared to Virgin Mary in the Catholic-Christian world, she represents the Mother and Goddess principles, a compassive and merciful goddess who always hear your calling ready to help you, she can also intermediate between Heaven and Earth.

She decided to stay in the material world instead to going to heaven in order to help the human in their path to spritual grow, as Virgins in the western world many images of Kuan Yin can be found for protection of woman, sailors, workers in danger etc, and for special situations like woman about to give birth.

Now, I can understand how blessed the Lovers are having her watching their union... what's next? Oh yes... here comes Pan to throw a great party to share the Lovers joy with everyone...
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