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The Hermit

An arched bell tower is the setting for this card. A huge bell hangs inside, visible through the arches. There is a vampire standing there, his right hand lifted, fingers spread. There are ten bats leaving the belfry, as if directed by the vampire. He is in a more natural feral state, not having the need to present a more acceptable appearance. On the wall below him is an ornate fresco depicting pillars supporting a running arch. Above a pillar is a large bat. Its wings are spread wide and it has a hungry dangerous look on its face. On either side, below the arches are some skeletal gargoyles. The one on the left is crouched facing left as if scouting that way. The one on the right is also crouched, but he is facing right, but not directly so, almost as if he is looking out away from the tower.

This hermit vampire rarely leaves the belfry. He is sending his bat minions out to bring back information. He uses these bats often for the purpose of scouting and information gathering, as well as communication when the rare circumstance requires it. He is an outcast from the clan. His political and personal agendas clashed with the current leaders and so he has removed himself from them to pursue his own plans. He still has contacts with the ancient leaders of the clan that are currently in hibernation, but until they require his services or wisdom, he remains here, alone.
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