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Originally Posted by Freyja of V View Post
Marie, I am so sorry - your questions got lost in the back and forth. Here are your reading for both questions.

9 of Cups and 3 of Pents

With the 9, we see your wishes coming true so it seems that you will indeed meet someone new (if that is what you are hoping for) and he may be someone who you work with or is hired temporarily (say contracted work) or maybe you will meet them at a group or club you currently belong to or thinking about joining.

Good! The 9 (in the Cups) above also points to you ending that relationship.

The Wheel and the 10 of Swords

Again, both of these speak of the change you just made in rejecting T - The universe definitely agrees with your decision. However, regarding your event -

This event will bring about positive change - luck is on your side. You have moved past a difficult situation - ended a bad cycle and you have embrace this change leaving you open to a fresh start -a new cycle. [emoji106] Maybe this is where you will meet this new person

My Q (from above): Positives about starting a blog/website?
3 of pentacles

It'll permit you to work at something that is important and that you are passionate about. This could also point to a collaboration with someone that would be beneficial for you.

Something positive regarding this new shared custody of the kids with my ex?

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