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Is the Tower worse than three of swords?

Hi I'm here with an update!
So- I decided to "stay there"and face the Tower. This was about ego. Some background - Basically, I had gone to spend a day (or two) with a man I have been seeing for over a year now. My 16yr old son generally stays at his dads Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings - which gives me the chance to work away or whatever. It's his exams however so I do like to be supportive and he is quite protective of me when it comes to seeing this guy so the three of swords represents him complaining about me staying with my BF and the sting of heartache I feel from that. However, I also had some news about a friend and colleague who had suffered a heart attack and had spent the week in hospital, which is also 3 swords.

The Tower happened this morning. I had decided to "stay there" last night rather than come home. The Tower was hearing that BF -who I see once a fortnight belongs to a club that are holding their meeting days on the Sundays of the very few weekends I see him and he has decided to do those days rather than see me. Arreggghhh - so a crushed ego for me, out of my control and didn't see it coming. I am pleased I know his priorities of course so the understanding is important. I am happy he has his hobby and stuff - as I do, but a little bit crushed that he would rather choose to do his hobby than see me . This is a fab example of the Tower being a crush to the ego. I had "assumed" (my ego had assumed!) that as we hardly see each other he would have wanted to see me rather than do these fortnightly Sundays. It's his hobby so he can choose to do them or not. I needed the understanding of where he is coming from which I gained as the Tower came down! Benefit is I no longer need to build anything on ego based assumptions that he would rather see me than do his hobby. I can now "build" a new tower on better understanding rather than ego assumptions. I'm pleased I know and have learned this - just superb example of the Tower! X
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