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Originally Posted by Laurelle View Post
I understand her concern. She runs this forum with consistency and love. If we kept the same mods and I stayed out of it besides the technical part, I think it would work. I like the idea of a lease.
I hope all the members here that have outed themslves as computer tech folks will work together to make something like this happen.

I would suggest you all make a thread with a list for ONE UNITED TAROT FORUM TECH HELP

Frankly, I think we are all exhausted already with the 5 or is it 6 now new Forum options that have sprouted up in the last few days.

Nobody will have time to visit all of these places. The thought of it makes me want to take a good long tarot vacation.

Please work together and when Solandia takes the call about this make sure all the serious people with skills and resources are on the conference call with a cohesive plan to make it happen.


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