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Tarot de Marseille - Marteau Grimaud, informations for collectors


here are some graphic informations, some scans and a few personal comments for collectors who appreciate or love the TdM from Paul Marteau edited by Grimaud.
All the decks described are from my collection.
In no way does this description pretend to be complete.
I just found interesting to see how various the different printing of this deck seem to be and thought that these informations could possibly be usefull for people who are searching for this deck.

I already posted some of these informations in several posts before.
In this thread is "all" I know + scans.

I would also like to know more about the earlier printing.
In particular I would be glad to have more informations about the deck number 01 and the deck number 02.
I got 01 without box or LWB, and though I have a box for 02 there is no date on it.
So if someone knows something, please share your information.
I am aware that there are some threads on deck 01.
For example ATF member Rachel Nguyen described this deck on this thread:
But it still stays unclear to me when it has been printed.
I also did not find anything on deck 02.
I was very glad to find this deck and the copyright B P GRIMAUD that was quite "new" for me.

On different threads on ATF, I read about a 1930 version of Marteaus deck (with a Lys instead of a tulip on the 4 de Denier)
I would really like to know how do the original 1930 decks look and feel like.
I am aware of the Dusserre reproduction, but I really mean the original.
I am mostly interested to know what kind of cardstock this deck has compared to the deck 01.

As it is technically not possible to attach more than 5 scans in one post I had to split and post several answer to this thread.
One for each deck.
I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards

Added on the 25 Juni 2006:
Thanks to Kenji, informations and scans of the 1930 deck are now available on page 8 of this thread
And not only this: also scans from the Grimaud-Arnoult 1748
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