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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step THREE

With the weekend approaching, now is a great time to move on to step three. I would suggest that those who have yet to acquire this book, that now is the time as this step seems to be more involved -- there are actually three parts to this step along with more extensive descriptive and preparation information. I will, as always, restate the exercise in simple terms but it is not my intention to parallel the book's writings.

EMOTIONS are the theme for this step. What emotions are evoked with this card that we have each chosen? First, describe the emotions and feelings on the card for the character(s) involved and the environment they are within. Second, repeat this step but put your description in the "first person." Third, relate a personal and real-life situation which involved similar feelings and qualities which you have just described.

Don't panic if your card at first doesn't seem to have high emotional content. It's there. You may have to be quiet and take the time to envision yourself within the card, to find a place in your real life that has qualities of that card and meld reality with the card as a means of finding the cards emotional content for you. Have fun. Dave
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