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Its a process running through the tarot programme like ebola.

The idea is you give the visual, image, symbolism any meaning you want from your own personal perspective and experience.

What happens is, with the loss of the internal knowledge in the deck, people become more outward and literalistic; A purple mountain, a hand drawn badly, even the artists signature all give substance to 'some' interpretations ... ummmm even a misperception of the picture (like the 'evil dwarf' in the 6 of cups trying to 'trick' the little girl .... <looks closer> I mean the midget old Lady ).

Apparently now you can pay and go to a course where you can hear someone explain their own process of this.

With Waite, IMO its going to be a process of the blind leading the blind in a lot of cases.

Guess who put the blindfold on in the first place ? Thats why you are finding Waite hard to read .... or listen to.

With colours, it gets worse, as you say reprints but also many other dynamics. There are quiet a few threads on colour schemes in the GD and Thoth threads, its more exoteric there than in Waites occulted system.
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