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Thanks Sandalwood

But you have sort of directed me back to where I have come from ... I have been through all of this.

Since it was YOU that claimed it (or saw something specific ? ) it was YOUR ideas I was after (but thanks for the references ... I have just been through all that already though .

yes, people give many general and vague reasons, I have yet to see anyone directly create a link between the images (as a progressive story) and masonry (as a progressive story),

so far it has been more like ... well, there is an eye in triangle here, so - Masonry ! or

Eg " I'm not sure what to say on the symbolism and the Templars, since it's so much." Doesnt really explain anything does it? Or that there might be a 'Freemason somewhere' that made a list. You mention the 3 and 8 ... but thats it , just declare they are there ... what is there ? (What I see might be totally different to what you see and relate to )

3 - because a stone mason is depicted ? because of 'pentagrams' ???

8 - a woodcarver ? a mentalsmith? a stonemason? penatcles? why is it masonic symbolism specific to freemasonry ???

I mean. one could say the 6 is Freemasonic because nowadays Masons do charitable work ... yes strange, but at least it links and says something ... not just a vague reference to "its there " without saying what 'IT' actually is .

Eg, one could make a link between Templars and Trump XV due to image, history, allegations, hand signs, etc etc . its all in there and can be shown and demonstrated ... even if it is wrong, it can be shown.

" Then there's the ritualistic approach (now I'm going to have to hop to the Golden Dawn, because the rituals there are (as far as I know) more known due to Crowley, but there's similarities in the rituals and Waite was into Dawn as well of course- think of 'circle magic' and the pentagram - (combining the 4 elements makes you enter 'ether', the fifth point, which may be seen as hopping through the gate on the Ace of pentacles to make the journey through the major arcana. The Magician works with that information (and the 4 elements again) to start the cycle)."

Okay ... but how doers this reveal the masonic story in the RW pentacles suit
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