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A source from a recognised non-spurious Mason , well done.

If folks find it too wordy ... go to the summary at the end ... and that last table of comparative symbols.

Even the 'coin on table' which he gives a 'yes' to is a stretch IMO ... the C. has no coin ... he is given one and carries it with him, later he gives it up , at one stage it may be 'on the table'

but it is not 'just a coin' and the table isnt really a 'table' (in the rite) .

But it is rather wonderful that the only card that seems agreed by all to show Masonic significance (in an 'old boys club' is the essence of female spirituality and initiation .

(Aside from all that, the Masonic Temple {now closed} near Balmain had a shrine built into the stonework above the door with an Isis/Mary set into it. )
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