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Originally Posted by Teheuti View Post
To determine if Waite included references to Freemasonry in the deck it is best to go to Waite himself since he dealt with far more subtle aspects of Masonry than are found in typical references to the Craft. A lot of relevant material can be found in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and in The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry. Also, Waite was far more concerned with how multiple "secret traditions" were, in his opinion, portraying a single mystery, a mystical vision, and so it is to this single mystery that the Tarot symbolism alludes.

For instance, "The mystery of secret teaching hinted almost everywhere in the Graal legends, the mystery which has for centuries shrouded the inner teaching imparted by the Templar initiation, and the mystery which involves the origin of the great legend of Masonry are not in reality three mysteries, but rather a single mystery exhibited through various vehicles." The Tarot was for him a fourth vehicle.
The quote is from "The Legend of the Holy Graal: In Its Connection with Templars and Freemasons" in Horlick's Magazine, vol. 1, p. 25 (1904).
Well, one can say that about all mysteries ! I dont see it in any way as supporting an analogy between a journey through Masonry and a journey through the RW disc suit ... which seems to have now become 'references to Freemasonry in the deck.' Yes, vague references are there ... and one direct one via symbolism in Trump II.

I even encountered Australian Aboriginal systems of initiation here that are incredibly similar to those in the western tradition ... sometimes remarkably similar ... even to what is in the Thoth deck and the OTO ! Some things connect up fantastically (and if doubted I can write a little paper on the comparisons and put it up somewhere here).

The idea that the 3 types of mysteries, that he mentions above in the quote, are specifically interwoven, just amongst themselves and to the exclusion of others, is IMO , another 'Waiteism' ... it just vaguely waffles about things he has no deeper knowledge of and is part of his own private mix ... like 'the hidden church of the holy grail' ... it doesnt exist ... (except as a metaphor or a construct in Waites mind ... oh , and a book title.)

But IMO, this is STILL a case of people making vague references to it. The quoted 'Waite speak' above , still does not show or demonstrate ANY specific associations.

But really ... I guess I should not be critical of such an academic source as; ' Horlick's Magazine, vol. 1, p. 25 (1904) ' .
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