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Originally Posted by Michael Sternbach View Post
But then what do we make of the letter Shin on The Fool?

It is not exactly unusual that Waite doesn't mean what he says and doesn't say what he means. I am always ready to take his words with a grain of salt. But pictures are quite a different story.

Already the equally secretive Alchemists emphasized that they left clues in images that they would never express in words. Waite may well have thought about his Tarot deck similarly.

Although there is no hard evidence, I think Mary may be on to something with the statement that I quoted.

I particularly resonate with her "multi-dimensional" take on symbols. It reminds me of the two different suggestions regarding the Trumps VIII and XII. Strange as it sounds, both seem to hold true, as i.e. my research regarding birth cards on Aeclectic suggests. Based on the usual ToL, this is hard to understand. However, Robert C. Stein's three-dimensional "quantum tree" might reconcile both views.

Apparent contradictions in occultism are often two sides of a thing. To understand their unity, a higher perspective must be adopted, which is difficult to express in words. However, THIS is the true content of Waite's Secret Tradition.
Speaking of Strength and the Magician, what do they have in common (symbol) and that Waite re ordered them to fit (astrologically) Strength (Leo).

So I will present to you all a image which I find interesting Coral Castle ~ Sun Dial This Sun dial is extremely accurate and one of it's kind. Keep in mind what was Waite trying to Accomplish and What do Waite and Edward Leedskalnin have in common (Ancient Text).

So we have Waite (astrologically rearrangement and Hebrew letter disagreement) Waite has another Hebrew arrangement in mind, What is it? Waite hiding it in symbols? are these symbols (Spiritual) or are they (Scientific)?

I Think we need to take a closer look at these symbols in the cards in a different perspective. What do you all Think

ETA: here is an interesting video on the sun dial pay attention to what E.L. says about astrologers.

Found a much better video this has far more info, interesting (even shows an image of an ancient Egyptian) Sundial
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