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While Albano didn't change any of the RWS detaile, s/he did add a few details. For example, the swords in the Albano have three jewels in the guard. More important is the Rainbow added to Temperance. It represents the bow of Sagitttarius, which is the zodiac sign of Temperance. The occult rainbow differs from a natural rainbow in that the order of the colors is reversed.

As for the German and French titles, they "should" be in English, but I am not a purist.

As for Frankie Albano, s/he is the mystery of the Albano. No one seems to know who s/he is, not even the gender. (In the song Frankie and Johnny, Frankie is a she.) It is possibly hidden away in the archives of the Builders of the Adytum. We do, however, know the source of the coloring scheme s/he used.
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