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Originally Posted by Indygoflame View Post
Hi Celticnoodle. Looking back now, I definitely did experience a strange occurance shortly after purchasing my moldavite ring. I was lying on the couch in between being half awake and half sleep when I felt a buzzing sensation throughout my body. I also heard an extremely loud roaring that seemed to fill the room, almost like a jet engine. During this time I remember uttering the words " I hear you". Have no clue who or what I was hearing exactly. I never put the two together until just now.
Wow! I never heard roaring or anything, but I did get an awful migraine whenever I was near my moldavite for a very long time. I am finally use to it and can wear it w/o any issues. But, I also have a pietersite with it. I do love my moldavite. I would LOVE to have a ring, I think. even if it was a tiny stone.

I definitely need to invest in some citrine for my finances asap. I always wondered if it made a difference if it was a natural citrine as most of them are heat treated amethyst. But who am I to question it, if it works, it works. Had I worked in a jewelry store, I would be like a kid in a candy shop. Lol. I'm so glad that you enjoyed my post and that I found a place to share all of my many left field interest.
Yes, citrine is suppose to be very good for getting money into your possession. My friend who owns the new age shop keeps one in her cash register all the time!

Originally Posted by EvaSegovia View Post
Hi CN... I'm in Hawaii, nowhere NEAR Herkimer I'm afraid, but that is just the best story! And I have one too: When I was a little girl we were in the mountains and I was hunting for gold and jewels. I was kind of disappointed that on the first day I didn't find any. On the second day though, I found tons! It wasn't untill I was in my 20s that I realized my dad had gone to a rock shop, bought a bunch of tumbled stones, and scattered them around for me to find. Lol! But from then on, I was Rock Hound to the core!
that would be a heck of a commute just to get a herkimer! BUT! If you are ever in NY.....

And, what a great daddy you had! So cute!

Originally Posted by EvaSegovia View Post
And hey Indygoflame! Maybe someday we can compare notes regarding the effects of combining Moldavite/tektite. I have to admit, after thinking about it a bit, I'm a little hesitant to try... Moldavite is a VERY powerful stone for me on its own.... It has the energy of an explosion! Coupled with tektite? Uhhhh.... Are we looking at an H bomb here?
Yes, do share your notes here too. I'd LOVE to read it. I wonder if anything will turn up if you google about using these two crystals together? If I do find anything on line, I'll share it here.
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