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Hi EveSegovia. I would love to try the black tektite moldavite combo. I just need quiet space without my kid. Lol. So sad AT is closing, however I would suggest trying them together in your most relaxed state. Almost like being half asleep half awake. Hopefully I can try it and give you feedback before AT closes. I must say that I've enjoyed meeting so many like minded positive people. I will keep you all near and dear to my heart. I don't know you , but I love you!😍

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And hey Indygoflame! Maybe someday we can compare notes regarding the effects of combining Moldavite/tektite. I have to admit, after thinking about it a bit, I'm a little hesitant to try... Moldavite is a VERY powerful stone for me on its own.... It has the energy of an explosion! Coupled with tektite? Uhhhh.... Are we looking at an H bomb here?
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