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Sabian Symbols Illustrated.

Hi everyone, I am new here from Thailand. English is my second language I can read and make good understanding but have difficulties writing so please excuse my language it is not as good as it should be.

I am another one who paint Sabian Symbols I am half way through my second set. The first set was sold with copyright to a publishing company for 40,000 Baht (about 1,333 USD) about $3.70 each. The pay is so cheap even in Thailand the reason I do it is evidently not for the money. I am a true believer in Sabian Symbols.

The set I am doing now is for a Thai fortune telling magazine they are paying me 500 Baht each (about 16 USD) without copyright so that mean I can resell this set and most important of all I can post it on webboards or do anything I want with it with no restrictions. I would like to post them here but I don't know how. My understanding is I am not allowed.

So if anybody want to see them you can go to the link below you might find it enjoyable.
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