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I would be honored. As I said before they are stunning. Like Sunshine I too need pictures that help me to understand what something is about. Reading what a certain card means does not stay in this old brain any more I need to have pictures , and then I can understand and be able to turn that into what is going on. I too would be interested in purchasing a deck if you get them published. Continue with your work and don't let anyone discourage you or your work. You are very talented.
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I Sunshine and Silverwings94 (Kat) :
I Thank you two so much for your replies, they give me the the courage to proceed on, I spent a lot of time worked on these paintings and still much more to do to complete the set, many times I felt desperate thinking ďAm I just a crazy fool?Ē. Reading your replies today I feel so happy and reacquired confidence on what Iím doing. If I ever get these printed I would like to put your names on the Special Thanks page.
Aun Chand
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