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Motherpeace--High Priestess

Since I have the book Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess Through Myth, Art and Tarot, I'll post some of the information I've learned from the book along with my own comments. I used to have all three books, but this one is the only survivor. If anyone else in the study has the other books, please feel free to add pertinent points from whichever one or ones you have along with your own comments.

The High Priestess represents the Moon or water element. From the book, I like this comment: "What the Magician needs daylight to understand, the High Priestess knows in the dark."

The High Priestess archetype signifies the feminine mode of consciousness---the inner knowing of the heart.

The Magician deals with things that can be seen, such as cooking creating food to be eaten or a snake shedding its skin. His transformations are ruled by the sun and the planet Mars.

The High Priestess, though, transforms things in a hidden manner. For instance, the egg becomes an embryo and the fetus becomes a child, all within her body.

The card depicts an African-American woman seated between two stone pillars, sitting on a round red carpet or pad. It doesn't say so in the book, but I associate that red rug with the blood of menstruation or childbirth. The book does say that in the days when it was a matriarchal society, there was a healing ceremony in which men had intercourse with the Priestess during her menstrual period. And menstrual blood may have been the first kind of blood offerings on an altar, according to the book.

The High Priestess in most decks deals with psychic ability and the Motherpeace is the same.

The book touches on the phenomenon I've noticed to actually be true and that's that when a number of females are living together in a group, the menstruation of all of them will adapt so that everyone is menstruating and ovulating at the same time. I found this was the case when I lived in a women's refuge for a few months and then more recently when I was raising my grand-daughters. When their mother and her lesbian SO were visiting and all four PMS'd together, it was quite unpleasant at times. Think 5 of Wands time. I just stayed out of their way and let them sort things out. Back to the book---it says that this phenomenon had the effect of being a birth control method. I'm not quite sure how that would work but maybe someone else can shed light on it.
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