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21 ways step 8.2

DruidCraft The High Priestess.

8.2.1: List as many metaphors and sayings as you can that relate to The High Priestess.

The metaphors:

Life is not hard; it only needs some positive thinking
Train of thought
A penny for your thoughts
Wisdom is not truth
Who cares about reasoning anyway?
All good things come to those that wait
One day I will wake up, and it will all fit together
Time will tell
This is a process of eliminating options
Some day my ship will come in
We are all alone
It is my life
With visions of redemption, I walk against the crowd

8.2.2: Finish the following statements as many ways as you can:
1 am…

I am positive
I am thinking
I am thoughtful
I am for truth not wisdom
I am feeling and thinking
I am patiently waiting for something good
I am waiting for everything to fit together
I am witing for time to tell me
I am waiting for the right outcome
I am waiting for the good to happen
I am alone
I am in charge of my life
I am seeing the light, I go against the croweds

8.2.2.b. Finish the following statements in as many ways as you can :
The situation feels like…..

The situation feels like encouragement
The situation feels like concentration
The situation feels like curiosity
The situation feels like a put down
The situation feels like excuse
The situation feels like sacrifice
The situation feels like patience
The situation feels like expectations
The situation feels like reasoning
The situation feels like hope
The situation feels like loneliness
The situation feels like laying down the law
The situation feels like self belief.

8.2.3: What do these metaphors suggest about your own situation?
Well this card is helping me to go deeper into what I believe and feel. Letting go of just “thinking” things through. Being more in touch with the inner self. The metaphors I think are a bit difficult, and I don’t really like using them. Though I am now more aware that they will be used by those asking for a reading. Being aware of there meaning and uses is not such a bad thing.

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