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Talking LS Secret Tarot - 10 of Wands

Well, i've seen there were no recent discussions about this deck, but i've just bought it and really, really want to start studying it again. Hope no one minds.
That's why i've chosen the 10 of wands (you can see a picture here: )'s a card i like, however, it's very different from the other decks. It shows a woman holding a skull and cigarette, in front of a wide window. Let's agree - she doesn't look like she has done any hard work (the 10 of wands usually shows a person who, although has conquered all she/he wants, is now overloaded with responsabilities/work).

In a recent thread ( ) Thirteen said that maybe the hard working person was the skull - her partner, the owner of the place, who worked to make all perfect and ended up wasting all his energy (hence, dying).

It's a wonderful interpretation, still i'd like to see other points of do you see this card?
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