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Originally Posted by rissa
Forgive me if this has been aanswered(I've made my way through this whole thread on a bloody blackberry) but what two courts are drawn? If they are in 1 and 3 I'd say querent and other person, respectively, but what if they are side by side?
Forgive me, if I havn't understood this properly.

If you have them side by side in positions 2 and 3 [is that what you mean], it would look something like this -

2 of Cups >>>> Queen of Wands >>>> Knight of Cups


So, as you are not 'described' by the first card, you are 'off-stage' [I love that new term - describes it perfectly].

But you share the '2 of Cups' with the queen. She may be a friend or lover. But she is definitely someone else.

The knight is also someone else. What you need to try and find out is what he has to do with the equation. You might ask yourself the following questions -

Are they actually a couple - Mrs Wands and Mr Cups?

Or is he someone that has a strong influence on both her and the relationship that you have with her?

Is he someone that she is hiding from you?

I am sure that there are many questions, but those might be the obvious ones. But courts in positions 2 and 3 will always be someone else.

Now, if they were in other positions -

Queen of Wands >>> Knight of Cups >>> 2 of Cups

We now see that you are the queen in this situation. The knight is someone else that you have some sort of 'sharing' or exchange with. We can find out a little about the knight's intentions by what he 'holds' - the '2 of Cups'. He might be a true friend. He might have designs on either formulating a friendship with you, or something a little deeper - but right now, he is holding out a hand of true emotional connection.

Does that explain a bit better?


[You guys are great, by the way. I appreciate every comment made in this thread. At some point, I may share some of the layouts that Debeorah Leigh has included in her book. Her methods of reading are very lively. But they might be also very complicated to describe here and might confuse everyone, lol]
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