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Okay, I'm going to try this. I like the idea of drawing 3 partner cards in one position. So since I'm learning I'll do this and post it to help me keep it straight. I am way out of practice with readings but this really appealed to me--it's like a chemical equation and I was always good at those.

I used the Outlook Spread from Power Tarot. Didn't have a specific question--just wanted a general look-see on my life for the next two months. I am using the Experimental Tarot which uses slightly different names, but everyone will get the gist. I like its meditative quality. Mother and Father are Queen and King, and Daughter and Son are Page and Knight.

1) 3)

2) 4)

1) Outlook for the situation, event, or project
2) What/Who will help
3) What this will lead to.
4) How you will feel about the outcome.

1) Forest - 9 Earth; Quake - 5 Earth; Mother of Water

I am off stage. Mother of Water is someone else but we share a lot of earthy stuff.

A disappointment at the work involved, we have so much to plant and hoe, the forest seems like an endless burden while we want to sing and dance. I've had this 5 of Earth before, the picture looks like he has a volcano exploding through his anus up his spine. Someone needs to light a fire under his bum. That Queen is such a nurturer though, perhaps she understands the need to swim a bit and cool down before taking up the hoe. If you leave the work too long, you won't have anything to eat. She shares that with me as well, I could possibly starve. Better hard work than starvation.

2) 11 Law; Son of Water; Father of Water

I am off stage again. The Son of Water is someone else and carries his Father the King as his intention. I share Major 11 with the Son of Water.

Cups courts have always seemed a bit baffling to me. I seem to have a lot in this reading, so lots of emotion. The Son the Knight is like someone in training, aspiring to be the calm leader his Father looks as he holds a compass of assurance and direction. It is the law that Son will follow Father. He needs balance and judgement to fulfill this legacy, but has a tendency to dream of quests and romanticize the world, to think he can save it with honour and song and dance, wearing his swimming trunks on his windboard, jazzing a smile at a pretty girl in the water.

I share Judgement with him, I can see myself in him, the longing to lead, the lack of balance and measurement in action, the enjoyment of fun. The twin towers of the World Trade Center are in this card: if one falls, so does the other. The Son helps me see my own fate in the balance.

3) Spring - 2 Water; Flash - 7 Fire; Son of Earth

I am off stage, ever waiting for my entrance, doomed to see life played out by others. I share 2 of Water and 7 of Fire with the Son of Earth. Love and companionship with bombs and firecrackers. The Son of Earth is a bit stodgy, plodding on like a cart horse with head down. We share the longing for up-in-the-clouds company and the spark, the flash of the challenge and pursuing what we want. We will persevere and find it, we see the goal, we forge onward.

4) 20 Judgement; Daughter of Fire; Fog - 7 of Air

Off stage again, I share Judgement with the Daughter of Fire and she moves toward the 7 of Air.

The vision of Judgement is like a beam of clarity, pinpointing each individual in their position in life, like a Buddha in a courtroom. The Daughter likes people and to share, she likes teamwork and flying and ideas and energy, but she seems to be fogging up, losing her discernement, getting lost in the maze. Someone stood up in the cinema and blocked the projector from beaming its film to the screen.

Can Judgement be impaired by fog and uncertainty, or can you continue on through the fog, with a lack of clarity? Perhaps I feel the outcome is not as clear as I'd hoped? Perhaps she is telling me that energy can burn through fog no matter how static you feel? If you can't see, you can always hear your way. I feel hampered in the outcome but the reality is that I still move toward something, although in fog.


I see why people find this method so exciting. Although a bit more effort, it seems to get to the matter in a way a single card doesn't. I couldn't think of other people in my life that could be the court cards, but they certainly stood for something that I understood. I enjoyed very much weaving the story. I feel I'm a little unsure of positions, but with practice they should fall into each other more easily. At the minute, I keep checking the notes to make sure I've connected them properly.

The equation makes great sense, I like it LB.
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