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Originally Posted by Little Baron
It made very interesting reading [I will have to check out the deck - havn't heard of that one].
Not too many people like it--the creator, Samvado Gunnar Kossatz (another Osho devotee) used Corel Draw vector clip art for it. That's why I love it, the illustrations are clean and crisp. It's also Thoth based, but with his own charming way of things and meditation topics and affirmations. Nice font for titling (maybe an Art Deco font or a ripoff of same from Corel.) English edition; ISBN 3898756491. There are astrological associations for the cards but I don't use them.

I have found them marvelous for intuitive work because he invented his own little system in conjunction with the Thoth. They are creatively inspiring in their artwork. I usually just wing it and leave the book closed.

Highly recommended by me for those who like something different.
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