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Originally Posted by teomat
Also...what does the white dove signify (beyond the idea of purity)?
Barrett doesn't mention it in his description of this card, and no-one else has commented on it. It re-appears on the High Priestess card, and Barrett says that it's “one of the sacred birds of Isis…”.

So what is the connection (if any) between Isis and Amun?
Amun-Ra begot Tefnut and Shu, who in turn begot Nuit and Geb, who in turn begot Isis, Osiris, Set, Nepthys and Horus the Elder. So that would make Amun-Ra the great-grandfather of Isis.

Barrett doesn't discuss a lot of the images he's added into his cards.

But in the High Priestess he does mention that the dove is the holy spirit, which is the agent of divine impregnation. The various versions of the creation myths I ran across during my studies all suggested that Amun begot his children without the aid of a wife, so maybe in this card the dove is the representation of that process?

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