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I havent been reading the book.. If Set was represented by the form of a serpent it would have more sense to me..

Do you know why he uses a Croc as Set?

Sets main Guise was a Serpent.. Not Exclusively but mainly. Sobek was the companion of Set.

It wasnt until later Set became Evil ( the fight between Horus and Set) made Set evil. Set( Typhon) Had slain Horus's father OSiris, by tricking him and Putting Osiris into a casket and setting him adrift in the river Byblos...Isis found her husband..she hid him.. Typhon found him again, he chopped Osiris him into 14 pieces and threw the pieces into croc infested waters. in which Isis in turn found those pieces...and so the story continues ...... This is the Closest Connection in the Book of the Dead , Of Set and Crocodiles, O and Set being a Companion of Sobek (crocodile god) ...Prior to the war between Horus and Set, Set was worshipped and a Protector.
So maybe i am thinking too early..
Set the Worshipped God Just noticed the link doesnt connect to page.. it is page 97

Or maybe he is going my Dr Brugsch's Observations and rightly so in many ways. But not in earlier History..But later. "every creature which was snared or caught in the waters or hunted in the desert, was treated as an incarnation of Set" which in later beliefs they were and Crocodiles were included.. Set at this stage was the embodiment of Evil.

Maybe the book is going to have to be read afterall.. and then i am going to readjust it and add my own to it.. Because i also cannot refer to the figure as Amun , i see him as Amen. also LOL!! i know it is not much difference in spelling but it makes a difference to me..
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