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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
I guess the sticking point for me is that, from a qabalistic and Tree of Life perspective, I don't see the number 8 as positive, even though it represents a binary "equilibrium" in esoteric number theory. Interestingly, departing from the sphere of Mercury (Hod = 8) and moving toward the sphere of the Moon (Yesod = 9), thereby regaining stability on the Middle Pillar, is exactly where the man in the 8 of Cups seems to be headed. The other thing that always made me wonder is the "3-over-5" arrangement of the Cups; if they were truly in balance, I'd think it would be "4-over-4." Something seems slightly "off" about that. Jospeh Maxwell was big on "isomorphs;" of 3+5 he said: "3+5 is somewhat unstable, in which awareness (5) evolves (3) in a wrong direction, that is, sense-dominated." Perhaps the man is departing due to sensory overload; he's seeking greater tranquility of mind.
I see the 3 over 5 as being balanced as the 3 fits equally over the 5 with one left over on each side, making a pyramid...which is quite stable....problem is the top is missing....whatever that signifies...For me, the Moon represents the 12th house, which is a house of fantasy, and very little awareness of reality.....emotions yes as it is a water house....awareness, probably not. I don't know how this fits in with your understanding of the Qabbala and the Tree of life.....I am at a loss I can't say much.
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