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Steampunk tarot (Moore) - III The Empress

Here we have a woman reclining on a chaise lounge. The chaise lounge looks wonderfully padded with deep scarlet cushioning. She is wearing a white dress, has very well taylored shoes (Didn't her mum ever tell her not to put her feet on furniture whilst wearing shoes?) and a red cloak. She is wearing gloves which reach past her elbows. The gloves appear to be a deep gold in colour. In her left hand (which is held slightly elevated) she is holding something that we cannot see. However, it is emitting a light and smoke of sorts.
Her right hand is lying loosely across her stomach - a reminder this is where live is iniated and nurtured prior to birth.

Behind her on the wall we see a clock. The time reads as possibly being 10 minutes past 10. One of the hands is in the shape of a crescent moon.
On the floor besides the chaise lounge we see a gold cushion with the symbol of Venus - a reminder of the feminine aspect and power.

Barbara indicates the colouring of the card and the setting as a whole is relevant. The red relates to the issues of passion, blood and life.

If you are expecting a 'traditional' depiction of the Empress with lots of plant growth around her you will be somewhat disappointed. This whole scene shows a lady who is very much in control of personal power. If she were a ruler, or consort to the Emperor, this is how she would probably be. I always thought the Empress in other decks was not really someone I would see as having authority. This one? Most definitely.
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