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Renaissance Tarot - Jones / Lyle - Queen of Wands

Well I thought that I'd take a look at the last of the Wands Court cards then maybe do a thread comparing the 4.

The keywords I tend to use for Queens are 'understanding, reflective, nurturing and balanced'
I think that in all of the suits, the queen is the most balanced of the courts. She has a deep understanding of her element and uses that understanding and knowledge wisely for both herself and for others.

Here we have the Wand Queen.
As usual with the Wands suit, she's pictured against a burnt orange background (fiery and hot).
Behind her are sunflowers - again making me think of heat and summer. Sunflowers are also happy looking flowers which grow to a great height and so are strong and stand out from the crowd.

This lady holds her wand in her right (active) hand and her breast in her left hand.
She is looking closely at her want and I think that this reflects her ambitious and goal oriented nature.
I think that the hand cupping her breast is a very sexual gesture and makes me think that this is a lady who is confident and completely in tune with her sexual nature. She's a sexy woman and she knows it... Maybe this scares some men off - I'm sure it attracts plenty though.

She's pictured with a dragon who's tail turns into a flame.
Dragons are mythological creatures who are brave and daring and are closely associated with the fire element (due to them being able to breathe the stuff).
The little white book says this:
'Legends involving the slaying of dragons describe the triumph of the conscious mind over unconscious fears and behaviour patterns'
I like that and I think that it shows well the personality of this queen.
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