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I do have the plain ole green box from Amazon and I find its beautiful ..I remembered being surprised because I just noticed cards say AGMuller maybe thats where the confusion is from? I thought that was weird. I LOVE this deck. Love.

I have a greenie as well the white box c and I find it does have better card stock

but I love my regular plain ole green box Thoth. My hands are tiny and I'm still learning so I haven't opened them with up a trim yet so its a bit difficult but the card stock is thin so I can get a really good side by side shuffle. They are just as gorgeous without you having to spend an arm and a leg on a deck... gorg

As far as sizes go I'm bias towards bigger cards I do intend on getting a Purple box I believe its smaller than the green but bigger than the blue?
at least that's what I'm hoping for...
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