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Originally Posted by Trowa Strife View Post
One thing I notice is the words-on-words. This is somewhat disorienting for me. Which deck minimizes this contrast?
You could get a large version and trim it.

My current favorite was a gift from a friend. It is the one that comes in a gold box and says "ORIGINAL Aleister Crowley THOTH TAROT" copyright by Ordo Templi Orientis/AGM AGMuller Urania. It is smaller in size but a very high quality printing and good coloring. Titles are in German, as is the substantial booklet. I am not sure if there is an English language version or if it is out of print.

But I also love my other versions, a 3 Magi, a mini Hexery, a Greenie. I have some of the large "standard" versions too but no longer the boxes so I forget which is which. The only one I should have but don't which is silly, is a trimmed one. I would say that is because I am lazy but it is not exactly that. I just do so much paper trimming for art and tarot purposes that it is like the cobbler's kid having no shoes.
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