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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
Congrats on the new job, Village Witch. I was going to mention amethyst immediately-but you already thought of that and I was also going to mention citrine, since you are dealing with money. Also I was going to mention a grounding stone like black obsidian - all which was mentioned. (though I didn't think of mugglestone).

Then, I googled to see what else is recommended-and they say green aventurine is great to help you deal with any problems that come up, with confidence. Also, sodalite is good to keep you motivated, though working in a payroll office--i think you'll stay motivated and on top of things--that type of office is always busy!

Good Luck to you in your new job!
Thank you, celticnoodle.

I have a 2" carnelian egg with a stand that I am planning to take with me when I return to work next week, along with my labradorite obelisk and a small dish of various stones mentioned here. Definitely fluorite to tuck around my computer and ward off electromagnetic smog.
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