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Twisted Sister

Oh dear, Twister sounds a bit like me.

Why is he called Twister I wonder? Maybe he's like those goofballs at parties, who always want to pull out the big plastic sheet and play the game Twister because it's "fun." Oh yes, we know those kind of guys. "Hey, let's do this, it will be fun!" they exclaim while you're trying to have a serious conversation about the development of silicone chips, and the influence of Tolkien on computer programmers.

Yes Twister, whose empty, gaping mouth foretells of the delights to pass his lips. He's the guy who always says "How come you aren't drinking, come on have a drink, you're no fun," as he proceeds to round people up for a friendly game of euchre. He's all frilly collar and carefully waxed moustache with a big, black hole for a mouth.

His hand is blue, it's lost circulation while holding out a card waiting for someone to come and play with him. Someone started to read a beautiful poem by Louise Glück and he immediately opened his mouth to tell you about HIS poetry. His eyes are green with envy because he won't stick to anything long enough to develop his own talents.

He's seriously thinking of cutting a rap album under the name T. Cube, so he can put a backbeat on his poems and reach a wider audience, preferably one that likes euchre. He'll tell you about it if you like, he's pretty good at telling people stuff. Is that a black fly in his mouth? "Hey, he shouts, what are you guys doing over there......" and you quickly hide behind the curtains and pretend you aren't in the theatre in a mad hope that he'll go away.

Yup, maybe there's a bit of Twister in us all? Maybe we were separated at birth?
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