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I did a reading about the feelings of my friend G. for my friend B., and the Page of Coins popped up. Here's a link to the card.

I didn't get much out of Twister either, but that's actually a bit appropriate considering the situation: G. is the kind of person that's very hard to read, keeping his feelings mostly to himself. (Which is also, in a way, reinforced by this being a Coins-card.) And since this is a Coins-card, I'm thinking the friendship between G. and B. is solid and strong. For some reason Twister's mouth reminds me of the slot of a piggy bank, and, yes, both G. and B. have invested a lot in their friendship and it's worth a lot to them. Since there are reasons to believe G. is developing romantic feelings for B., my eye is drawn to the playing card, the coins and the dice. It really seems like Twister is ready to gamble--it makes me wonder whether G. is toying with the idea of taking a risk after all, of taking the friendship to another level. Pages are usually the ones eager to try out new things, and Graham did call him "Twister".

Any thoughts?

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