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Originally Posted by greycats
I never thought of looking at the card that way. I guess I saw too many Vietnam protest demonstrations during the Sixties & Seventies. But I like it. It's a new take on an old interpretation of the arcana which places responsibility not on the woman (she's the victim) but on outside factors. You're extending the range of interpretation, which I think is always good.
Interesting...our perceptions of this card are most definetly influenced by our past. Yours, by the war protest. And, mine, but my years spent overseas where I was exposed to a heavy dose of the anti-american sentiment in other cultures.

Originally Posted by greycats
The presence of the flag and the blood, etc. can cause you to react without thinking. You can get cut that way, or you might hurt somebody else. (The keyword for this lunar cycle is "think")
And yes, the flag (not just U.S. flag, but any flag) and blood are extremely powerful symbols which envoke reactive emotion.

It's hard to look at this card and not react's almost like the Death, if you don't understand this card coming in...your going react...I am very interested to see how a seeker will react to it in a reading.

I haven't offered or used the MAAT for readings as of yet, because I feel the deck needs a good, thorough study before I's such a powerful deck.

Greycats, are you planning on attenting the MAAT conf in July?
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